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We Can Help!

We are Property Maintenance Professionals that care what you think of us. We are good people, who really want to do a great job and make sure you are happy with our service. From your first contact with us – to seeing us out the door. Hey, we even do a pretty good job of cleaning up too!

“You’ll be glad you chose us, to help you out.”

Ever think to yourself –

We need someone reliable

It might be too small a job

we need to know they can provide a really high end finish

i wish i knew someone that could do all these jobs.

Hello !

We would love to get to know you. We’re local and we can help. 

We can take care of those maintenance jobs that have been stacking up. Even a few hours could make all the difference and free you up to get on with other tasks.

It’s great to have an extra pair of hands whenever you need them.

We are only a quick email away and you will soon be up and running. So give me as much detail as possible for the work you need done and photos are always very helpful.

Fixing, made simple.

Everyone can “fix stuff” to some degree, but not everyone can do a really great job of it. What makes the difference, is a keen eye for detail, having the ability and experience, the right tools and most of all – pride in your work!

I like to think I have these skills and some good ideas too! – let’s have a chat to discuss the jobs you need taken care of in your hotel, office or home.

Home  office   rental

Edinburgh Property Works is a trading name of Russell & Telfer Ltd 

Registered in Scotland SC043047 Registered Office 3 Annafreuch Kinross KY13 0LF

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