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Multipanel Wet Wall

Wet Wall panelling for your shower or bathroom. Can be installed over existing sound tiled walls. Great alternative to tiling, and for making existing shower areas watertight again - No grout. No hassle. Just beautiful walls. Huge choice of colours to suit every colour scheme. We have installed many panels over the years and use the best German cutting equipment for installation of the wet wall panels. Happy to give our thoughts on how Multipanel might work for you.


We can help you assemble and install just one unit or alter a unit for a tight space, replace the worktops or the door fronts, repair hinges and handles. We have an eye for what looks good, whether it's contemporary or country kitchen. Find out what we can do.


It's not a guarantee - but occasionally I come up with a good idea on how to solve those problematic situations! When they don't make the size of kitchen unit you need, or the drip edge on your patio door has rotted away. Maybe you need new mouldings on your panelled front door or you would like a new European oak threshold plate - I might just have the very solution!


I'm asked about Silicone repairs pretty much daily and we have all seen it before - silicone smeared around a basin or shower tray that looks like it was applied with an old paintbrush! Or your shower tray is leaking due to defective silicone and its now black and mouldy - Yuk! We can do so much better - with good technique and careful, repeat careful, preparation. It's not a "quick job" and I spend a lot of time removing the old silicone and residue and preparing the joints for application of new, high quality, bacteria resistant silicone sealant. Let us cut out and replace your discoloured silicone joints - no paintbrush needed - that's a promise!

Joinery Repairs

It's a pretty wide section to cover here. So if it's made of wood, we enjoy working with it. From doors to dado's and furniture to fret saws! We've altered furniture and units to make them fit in awkward spaces. Repairs to floors ceilings and walls are pretty basic and theres nothing wrong with that - as long as its done well!


We care about the world we live in and how we treat it. We recycle our waste where we can and off cuts of wood are used for heating. Our cool vehicle has the latest Euro6 engine rating and we use local suppliers as much as possible. We are trying to do our bit for our wonderful world.

We can help you with...

Joinery Repairs & Maintenance 100%
Wetwall Installation 87%
Kitchen & Unit Repairs 62%
Silicone replacement 92%

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